Support Services

The good work completed on site is only as good as its support network behind the scenes. John Robson Metals has developed over the years a detailed support infrastructure which helps aid progress on site and innovate our methodologies to improve safety, reduce risk and reduce potential environmental impact.
This is categorised into the following groups: –


Maintenance of our vehicles and plant is vital in ensuring operations on our and our clients sites runs smoothly.

A dedicated team of mechanics with vast amounts of skill, experience, knowledge and training keep everything running.

John Robson Metals has also heavily invested in the infrastructure of our Irelands Farm depot to increase the capacity of what we can achieve in-house.




Our stores department inspect and maintain all of our tools and equipment to ensure that site operations have the right tools to carry out their works.

They carry out vital inspections on this equipment to ensure it is safe to use for our site and yard operatives.

The maintenance of tools and equipment also enables us to keep costs low and ensure that we can provide our service to the clients at the best possible price.


The fabrication department are the driving force for innovation within the company providing our clients bespoke solutions that deal with the issues they face.

A dedicated team of fabricators with vast amounts of skill, experience, knowledge and training develop these innovations.

They also maintain the infrastructure of both our yards to provide a safe working environment.