Our Staff

The directors of John Robson Metals Limited recognise that our most important resource is our staff. Their development, commitment and interest in the company and the pride and attitude to their work enable our company to carry out the most difficult of work safely and efficiently. This is the asset we are most proud of. Their competency is crucial in allowing us to deliver our client’s requests.

Due to the level of capabilities we offer our clients, we provide staff who take an interest in the industry and gain additional skills in specialist subjects. These specialisms are built upon a foundation which is learnt within the first six months of working for the company.
We ensure that their training is as comprehensive and up to date as possible. Our training programme has been ongoing for over 20 years and we have well trained and experienced teams. Their training and development is constantly reassessed to ensure we have the capabilities and expertise to safely undertake whatever job a situation requires.

Knowledge is a critical thing and one which cannot be rushed. Due to our high retention rate of staff, we can constantly build on our existing knowledge and expertise. This creates a melting pot of ideas to provide the client with a unique service. Each member of staff provides us with knowledge in specialist areas solely focus around the HV substation environment. We can solve unique and complex problems for our clients in a safe and controlled manner.
We encourage our staff to perform to their best ability. Attitude is key in delivering this. At John Robson Metals, we have set some core values which we expect our staff to adhere to all times