About Us

The very beginning

In the mid sixties John Robson was trading in Government surplus and scrap metals, having an interest in electrical machines and equipment. We started to purchase scrap and redundant items from the local electricity board. This led to the first substation dismantling work in 1967 which has continued ever since.
Many challenges presented themselves and innovations to make the work safer and more efficient were introduced over time. The Wild West environment of the early days eventually gave way to a more civilised era where good work was recognised, allowing the company to develop successfully.

How we evolved

As years progressed, we focused on providing services to the high voltage electrical transmission and distribution sector. Over this time we have developed our key skills, resources and knowledge. Our focus has been always towards the client's needs and investment in resources in order to achieve those requirements.

Where we are today

We have evolved into a highly expert company employing over 60 people who are provided with a very high standard of training to ensure all work is carried out safely, professionally and effectively with the least amount of interruption as possible.

Our Approach

John Robson Metals Ltd is committed to fair pricing, clear and unambiguous quotations with credits for the materials removed and disposed of clearly stated.

What we do

Our work is exclusively for the Heavy Electrical Supply industry and provide services of Dismantling, Demolition and Disposal to the Electrical Supply industry.